When asked what made you decide to become a photographer, Tara Noelle said, “I wanted to establish a positive environment for me to be creative in”. When she first enrolled in O.C.A.D. University it was as a painter. Tara Noelle spent the next few years experimenting with different mediums in and out of school, ultimately earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts. At the same time, the world was being introduced to accessible digital formats. As a true artist Tara Noelle will always have her analog film with her, however, she is addicted to the detail that can be captured with digital advances. 

She began her life as a full-time professional photographer, working in and combining, the commercial, artistic, editorial, and corporate worlds. Every project strengthening and cultivating her unique voice.  Her work has been exhibited in two CONTACT shows and 2014 participated in Nuit Blanche with an exhibit and installation in St. James Park.

Tara Noelle has always been inclusive in her style, truly a minimalist state not afraid of the fragility of emotion. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, the subject, and the client. Applying her proprietary patience, knowing that her job as the photographer is to capture the exact moment where everyone’s agendas align. 

Tara Noelle works to build a comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels at ease with their responsibilities and an honest exchange take place. On set, Tara Noelle is in control and always humble of the trust being instilled in her to produce a successful product.

www.taranoelle.ca @taranoellephoto
www.lostinlove.ca @lostinloveca