About Me

“Tara Noelle encapsulates the soul of her subject and manifests it into her Art.”

“The soul of Tara Noelle’s work is transformed with the interplay between shadow and light.”

As a photographer, her lens is personified while inspired by magic to elevate the stories of her subjects. Now working in the corporate world, Tara continues to engage with various communities of leading women entrepreneurs. She has devoted much of her time to reflection, woman advocacy and artistic vulnerabilities seen in her alluring portrait photography. Her most influential work is seen in the embodiment of the visually arresting narratives of individuals in some of her most iconic B&W portraits. As an OCAD University alumni, her sense of artistic expression and criticism has encouraged her work to evoke truth about her subjects. Her deliverance on set is heartwarming and anyone who is delighted by her presence is instantly engaged by her infectious laughter that fills even the darkest room with her all-embracing light of wisdom.

As she continually ordains the world with her Art, Tara’s work is also seen on multinational platforms and is current with contemporary culture. Married by love, Tara is also the mother of two majestic fur babies, Her energy radiates through her confidence when seen in her minimalistic fashion ensembles and medium of choice;her camera. Tara Noelle is an incredible human being and advocate for love, life and ART. She is truly an Artist of influence here in Toronto, Canada where she currently resides.


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Jessie & Ryan

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