Throwback Thursday // Elegant Esther does Holiday

I can't believe its been almost two year ago around this time  that I got to spend a day with my dear friend, Esther and her elegant home. She invited me in to photograph her new condo space that she so delightfully decorated for the holiday season. 

We got to show case her great talent for design along with the festive fun she loves to put up!

Thought this was the perfect TBT! 

I looked back on the photos and it made it excited for the holiday season. 


xo TN

Baby Love // Quentin + Family


One of My Favourite Things...

One piece of equipment I never leave home with out especially for shooting weddings is my dual Spider holster. It honestly has been some of the best money I have spent to help me achieve the shots I want because its accessibility of two cameras strapped to my waist with two lenses of choice as well you don't have the heavy burden of the camera weight on your shoulders or back. 

Many people ask about the camera slingin' wardrobe piece and I wanted to make sure I shared this discount the company is holding till this Sunday. 

Check it out! 

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Sweater Weather //How to Enhance F/W Photos w/ Textures

The shortening days give us such warm, soft beautiful light in the late afternoon.  All that gorgeous warm light mixes perfectly with the warm golds, browns and reds of the fall leaves.

But, best of all is the wonderful fall clothing that you can wear for fall/winter photos.

Textured sweaters and scarves, denim, stylish boots, knits and tights... there are so many fabulous clothing options for photos!

Add Textures

Pay attention to fall textures.

Adding some fun textures to your f/w photo outfits, such as stylish knit sweaters and scarves, wool skirts and pants, layers will all add variation to your photos.

Have fun with things! Bundling isn't bad! Embrace it <3

xo TN


Family Photo Shoots VS Family Portraits

One of my favorite things to photograph are family photo shoots instead of family portraits. Like the one below. A family out for a walk in the forest. Romping around, playing with leaving, and interacting with each other as they normally would on any given day. 

It just feels real. Not staged not posed. 
I don't set this up, it just happens which makes me love my profession even more. 

Happy Autumn!  

xo TN