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Last week I photographed a client of mine's little girls in the studio. Aren't they just the cutest? 

Thanks Brittany for some great behind the scene shots. 

Posting photos soon!

xo TN

Behind the Scenes // Mini Fashion w/ Milan + Mila

Over the past weekend my team + I got together with some fantastic little models to shoot a Spring Mini Fashion shoot <3

Couldn't have asked for a day! Thank you to everyone + stay tuned for full set from the photo shoot. 

xo TN

Behind the Scene Photos: Tyler Rumi

Prop Creations + Styling: Ayan Seto

Models: Milan + Mila 

Location: Studio 315

Clothing: Zara + GAP

All Rights © Tara Noelle Photography 2014

Feature Friday // Founder + Editor-in-Chief Nicki Laborie

The beautiful Founder and Editor-in-Chief of View the Vibe, Nicki Laborie came to visited the studio last month for a fresh new year lifestyle photo shoot to update her branding!

I am so grateful to be able to be a part of lifestyle/ re branding projects like this one + a perfect way to begin the first week of 2014!

Definitely check out the site so you are in the know as Toronto's VIDEO guide only features the best so you never end up at the worst. 

Happy Friday + Weekend

xo TN

Nicki Laborie Head Shot LIfestyle 2014 TNP -41 WEB READY.jpg

Cake Smash Bash // Evan's 1st Birthday

Evan 1st Birthday- Cake Smash Session 2013 TNP-002.jpg
Evan 1st Birthday- Cake Smash Session 2013 TNP-113.jpg
Evan 1st Birthday- Cake Smash Session 2013 TNP-125.jpg

Love in the Core // Jennifer + John

Such a pleasure to work with this great downtown couple who opted to use our city as their back drop + tie the knot at the Spoke Club which definitely complimented their classic yet modern style. 


Take a peek at a few high lights from this couple's special autumn wedding <3


Congrats again you two!

xo TN

Wedding Jenn & John Sept 2013-339 copy.jpg

Throwback Thursday // Elegant Esther does Holiday

I can't believe its been almost two year ago around this time  that I got to spend a day with my dear friend, Esther and her elegant home. She invited me in to photograph her new condo space that she so delightfully decorated for the holiday season. 

We got to show case her great talent for design along with the festive fun she loves to put up!

Thought this was the perfect TBT! 

I looked back on the photos and it made it excited for the holiday season. 


xo TN

One of My Favourite Things...

One piece of equipment I never leave home with out especially for shooting weddings is my dual Spider holster. It honestly has been some of the best money I have spent to help me achieve the shots I want because its accessibility of two cameras strapped to my waist with two lenses of choice as well you don't have the heavy burden of the camera weight on your shoulders or back. 

Many people ask about the camera slingin' wardrobe piece and I wanted to make sure I shared this discount the company is holding till this Sunday. 

Check it out! 

Get 25% off your order at www.spiderholster.com with code 25PERCENTFB from NOW until midnight (EST) on Sunday!

Family Photo Shoots VS Family Portraits

One of my favorite things to photograph are family photo shoots instead of family portraits. Like the one below. A family out for a walk in the forest. Romping around, playing with leaving, and interacting with each other as they normally would on any given day. 

It just feels real. Not staged not posed. 
I don't set this up, it just happens which makes me love my profession even more. 

Happy Autumn!  

xo TN


Tempted by Fashion @ Operanation '13 // Coverage

Feature Friday // Carve Design + Communications

 Over the summer the wonderfully talented team at Carve Design + Communications had me come down to London to give their "brand" a little redo with some new updated lifestyle photos for their website and marketing. So happy to be able to work with Jason Recker and Jesse Gibbs. Both two incredibly down to earth creative guys that really love what they do .Carve is an award winning boutique brand + design studio in London, ON that helps businesses the everything you need as a business to ensure you have good design for your business-> 

  • smart logo and brand design
  • packaging
  • retail design elements
  • brand strategy
  • naming
  • web design

Give them a holler if you are looking for more awesome in your business!

Happy Weekend Enjoy TN xo

What to Wear on Your Engagement Shoot // Do's & Don'ts

One of the questions I hear the most is, “What do I wear for an engagement shoot?” Below are a few engagement photo ideas to help you achieve the perfect look for your photos.

First things first:  Be You.

On the day of the shoot if you are not wearing clothes you you would normally wear, you aren’t being yourself.  The purpose of the shoot is to capture you!  Go through your closet and find the clothes you wear all the time, then go through these tips to make sure they look good!

Second thing: Consider the Season

For Winter and Fall Photo Shoots Consider these Engagement Picture Outfits:

e33fc29062016556a11ead7fbbd7d68c copy.jpg

Ladies: outfits with sleeves are always flattering to arms and a good pair of boots can make any girl’s legs look great.

Gentlemen: a button down and sweater with a nice pair of jeans and dress shoes are a great go-to.

For Spring and Summer Photo Shoots Consider these Engagement Picture Outfits:


Ladies: a pop of color never hurt anyone, it photographs beautifully in color and black and white.  Jewelry, a top or even shoes can add that perfect flair!

Gentlemen: button down shirts are very versatile- you can wear a sport coat, roll the sleeves, wear it tucked in or untucked so don’t be afraid to throw a few options in.

Third thing and most Important the Do's & Don'ts! 

  •  Bring at least two outfits: one dressy outfit and one casual outfit
  • Splurge on professional hair and makeup, a great artist will take you a long ways.  E-mail me to learn more about my favorites!
  • Splurge on a great pair of shoes (yes your feet will be in photos). Ladies, heels help you maintain better posture!
  • Bring a black top. A simple, dark top allows the focus of an image to be the persons face. An added bonus of dark clothes is that they tend to be slimming.  The Little Black dress is popular for a reason!
  • Black not your color…Then dive into a beautiful natural dress or a long and lean cotton dress.  Remember Rule #1- Be Yourself!
  • Wear classic styles to prevent the photograph from looking outdated. A little black dress for women and a solid-colored suit for men will never go out of style.
  • Ladies, consider a v-neck top. Turtlenecks, thick scarves and sweaters can add bulk to your appearance. V-necks and open collars elongate the neck and body and bring the focus to your face.
  • Guys, consider a collared shirt. A collared shirt frames the face and can be very flattering.
  • The perfect match. A solid v-neck for her, a collared shirt for him
  • Always choose sleek, fitted clothes over baggy.
  • Feel free to coordinate your look and wear complementary colors with others in the photo, but don’t try to match them.
  •  Clothes put people in context, so remember to dress for your location and theme. If you’re after a fun vibe, wear things that pop, if you want a more formal vibe, then go for a suit and dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear things that ‘pop’ such as chunky jewelry, fun shoes, a brightly-colored blazer, a tie, a vest, sunglasses or dress hats.
  • Bring your favorite items!  If you like them on an every day basis, you are going to love them in photos!
  • Remember to get your nails done!  Especially for Engagement photo shoots, your ring will be a focus!  A neutral or solid color photographs quite nicely.
  • Bring props! If you have an animal, play an instrument, have a hobby, have a favorite article of clothing or just a meaningful item, bring it with you. These personal items add an extra flair to your look.
  • Don’t over tan. Don't burn and Spray tans are dangerous!
  • Don’t go for solid white button down shirts for the two of you.  We want coordinating not matching.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight to avoid ending up with an ‘extra layer’ on top
  • Don’t have your hair cut the day of a portrait. Schedule hair appointments at least a week in advance for a more natural look.
  • Don’t forget to iron all wrinkles out.  As stated above, I don't photo shop wrinkles out of every photo!