Dyane Campbell

Real Estate Lifestyle // Kerri Ann Brownlee

I recently did a head shot / lifestyle photo shoot with the wonderfully successful Real Estate Agent Kerri Ann Brownlee in her gorgeous east side condo. 

We were able to combine a mix of professional, fresh head shots for her as well as some more lifestyle shots for her to have for work/personal. Kerri Ann did a fantastic job in front of the camera! Check out some of the photos from her shoot.

Thanks again to the following for their amazing assistance!

Hair & Make Up- Dyane Campbell

Assistant- Jon Hagerty

xo TN

LIfestyle Photo Session // Erin Pollett

Check out some of the final edits of Erin Pollett's recent lifestyle session, that we put together to show case and help brand her fun, edgy style. We had a such a great morning (check out BHS), and I was so happy we got to work together again!

Erin recently started her own marketing business and became one of the many entrepreneurial woman I am proud to know, but she doesn't make it easy to find her. She is definitely a card carrying member of "extroverts anonymous" and the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon has been replaced with more current and much easier 2 degrees of EVP. Go ahead, try it! 

Hair & Make Up by the talented Dyane Campbell

xo TN

Look for Erin and her updates on Twitter @erinvpollett  Linkdin ErinPollett