Sometimes Aimless is the Best Direction // Scott Boniface

Recently was lucky to photograph and write a little piece for on the upcoming artist. Scott Boniface

Toronto-born artist Scott Boniface and co-founder of Playground Inc, a digital creative agency in Toronto that craft products, experiences and platforms that transform brands such as Canada Goose, will be showcasing his new artwork in his debut solo show Aimless from September 5th-11th at the Moniker Gallery. 

The show is about completely letting go of the story, losing track of the point and getting lost in colour, texture and the abstract, which was evidently visible when I walked in to Scott’s studio on Richmond to capture him in his surroundings. The old wood floors were splattered with layers of lovely colourful paint, which on their own expressed the markings of expression and strong passion. I just wanted to sit in the middle of the room and take it all in. It was a little maze of wonder with paint jars piled, canvasses stacked high and a wall full of collected cameras, which is another love of Scott’s. Brightly coloured abstract pieces lined each sector of the space, some more strutting a graphic feel, some more just pure abstract expression. 

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Enjoy and see you at the opening! 

xo TN


Scott Boniface Artist-5.jpg