Happiest Girls are the Prettiest! // An Audrey Inspired Session

When I first spoke to Kara about her head shot session, we want over what she was looking for as an end result and we discussed options of doing head shots as well as lifestyle shots to get the full benefit of hiring me. As we spoke she opened up a little  about an obsession she has with vintage hats and dresses.  I instantly was drawn to  this wardrobe she has acquired and as I looked at her more and more all I could see was a little Ms. Hepburn! So we coordinated additional fun Audrey Hepburn inspired part to the end of the shoot and voila here she is!  

No it's not your typical replications nor did we want to do that in the session, it was Audrey's inspiration and grace that I wanted to capture in Kara that I pulled from to get the end result. 

Here a few photos from the photo session! Such a natural beautiful and a pleasure to work with!


Enjoy! xo TN