Behind the Scenes // Elizaveta Yankelovich Designs

Recently Tara Noelle Photography and the amazingly talented and quirky Elizaveta Yankelovich teamed up to shoot some her current/new amusing delightful jewellery pieces. Such an exciting time to work with such a inspirational and limitless artist, Elizaveta's works of art are creatively endearing, intricately beautiful and are definite stand alone pieces that make a statement!

I was able to pull together a fabulous group of talented people to work with to make the such a wonderful vision happen. Dyane Campbell punched up the look with bright, vibrant make up and hair while Becca Lemire worked her magic in the styling department taking from her mix of vintage, retro finds in combination with current happening trends.  Honestly, couldn't done this all with out your awesomeness, time and expertise. 

Take a peek at some of the behind the scenes shots! We had a great afternoon of shooting, taking risks and making beauty out of beauty. 

A BIG shout out to Anna Maria,  our beautiful model who came to the shoot with tonnes  of energy and rocked it,  to my always fantastic and dedicated assistant, Jon Hagerty who I couldn't now manage with out and last but not least, EIA always an interesting experience shooting in such an inspiring space. 

Stay tuned for final edits.

xo TN